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No fuss rainwater harvesting systems

Our system have been designed for easy to install and simple to use. No moving parts (except the pump of course) elimintates the risk of problems when installing.

The seamless, one peice underground water tanks are and come with 4" inlets and outlets sockets ready to be drilled out. These can be used to connect standard 4" drainage pipe. Our underground filters can also take upt 4" drainage connections.

Our systems come complete with filter kit which will stop large peices of debris from entering your underground tank, also a pump kit comprising of pump unit fittings and 25 meters of black and green rainwater pipe.

Systems ideal for flushing your toilet or supplying your whole house.


Our systems
EasyHydro Rainwater Harvesting System EcoSub+  Rainwater Harvesting System Super Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater uses

  • Gardens - as a nation we take pride in the apperance of our garden and in the height of summer, water becomes as valuable as our garden trowls. By collecting and storing your own rainwater you can forget about droughts and hose pipe bans.

  • Cleaning cars & patios - Why use expensive tap water to clean your cars and patio when you can connect a pressure washer to your water butt with out spending any more on your water bill.

  • Irrigation - You can use simple irrigation systems to water your lawn, flowers, borders and vegetables.

  • Toilets - Did you know that ever flush you use on average 9 litres of fresh, clean drinkable water to flush your toilet? We have systems that use the rainwater your collected to flush your toilet without costing you a penny more on your water bill.
toilets and washing machinescar washing
watering garden flowerscleaning patios

water pump


After collecting your water you now want to use it; we stock a range of water pumps that can either be submerge in your underground tank or be installed in a dry, frost-free area.

Popular water pumps

  • HydroForce - The HydroForce™ Series 3 is an electronically-controlled, pressure-sensitive, submersible, centrifugal roto-dynamic pump with no reciprocating parts. 

  • Stainless Steel Booster Pump - High specification, extremely quiet, stainless steel bodied corrosion and rust proof pump, ideal for boosting or maintaining water pressure.


The primary function of this system is to collect the rainwater that falls on a house roof. This however is not the only things that falls on house roof's. Leaf's, twigs and other peices of debris are frequently found in guttering.

To prevent any of this entering your underground tank, we have a created our own underground water filter. It works by using a large mesh basket filter to collect the large peice of debris before the water is flows in the tank where it is filter again by a smaller basket filter.

Each of these filters can be removed and cleaned as required.