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About the SuperComplete Rainwater Harvesting System

Save money on utility bills by collecting rainwater from your roof. The underground
filter removes debris before the water is discreetly stored in an underground water tank. The internal pump allows water to be reused around the home.

Connect it to your washing machine and, because rainwater is softer than tap water, lower the need for detergents. Harvested rainwater can also be used to flush toilets, dramatically decreasing your water consumption; around 7 litres of clean, drinkable water is used every time we flush. Use it in the garden too. Plants thrive on water that is free from man-made contaminants.

We have made this system easy by using only quality reliable parts and equipment, all of which have been sourced in the UK.


System contents

  • Filter - This is placed between the property downpipe and the underground tank and prevents large pieces of debris from entering the tank.

  • Pipe - Pipes and fittings are included which will allow you to connect your pump to an outside tap.

  • Tank - Depending on the system you buy you will receive a one peice underground water tank which has the ability to take inlets and outlets of upto 4". Access to the tank can be made through the 16" bolt-down access lid

  • Pump - This system come with a Stainless Steel Booster Pump (details below)
Stainless Steel Booster Pump

Stainless Steel Booster Pump


Stainless Steel Booster Pump - High specification, extremely quiet, stainless steel bodied corrosion and rust proof pump, ideal for boosting or maintaining water pressure..

  • Maximum Output 101 L/min 
  • Maximum head (lift height) 52M 
  • Longlife double insulated impeller 
  • 24ltr Stainless Steel tank 
  • Auto start/stop to ensure continuity of water pressure 
  • Operating pressure 3.5-5.2 bar 
  • 1250 Watts, 230v 1ph motor 


The primary function of this system is to collect the rainwater that falls on a house roof. This however is not the only things that falls on house roof's. Leaf's, twigs and other peices of debris are frequently found in guttering.

To prevent any of this entering your underground tank, we have a created our own underground water filter. It works by using a large mesh basket filter to collect the large peice of debris before the water is flows in the tank where it is filter again by a smaller basket filter.

Each of these filters can be removed and cleaned as required.

For more information or to buy
this system please call 01763 261 781